Me and my Daddy, my biggest supporter and my best friend, who recently passed away suddenly and is now traversing the universe with my Mum somewhere. Love you so much and thank you for everything you gave me to get me where I am today x

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My family is my world.

- I get really emotional on a wedding day. I will cry, laugh loudly, probably try and cartwheel if I get too excited. I really do feel honored to be there and get caught up in the day.

- I swear when I get excited, sometimes a lot. I can’t help it, it comes with the passion behind my job and the incredible people I work with.

- I’m a hugger. If we meet, you have approximately 5 seconds to facepalm me to stop the impending hug 🤗 

- On a wedding day I will chauffeur, buy coffees, help with the dress, have a beer with the guys, find your bouquet, keep the day running on time if needed, fix hair, basically anything that’s needed that I can do. I’m someone that likes to help.

- I don’t care about ‘perfect’ images. If an image is blurry but makes me feel something, gives me gooseys, then it’s going in. I love the rawness of life and embrace it.

- I’m sure it’s obvious from my work but I don’t pose or touch anything on the day. I document what happens as it happens. That’s real life. If photos are staged the feelings aren’t real and I want my clients and their friends and family to feel the feelings we felt!

- If I can be barefoot, I will be.

- I will give my absolute all to you as you’re not just a client, you will become someone I care about.

- I am a ridiculously good dancer so watch out!

- I’m joking about the dancing. I’m actually terrible 😂

- If there’s children or animals there and you can’t find me, odds are I’ll be around them.

- I use emojis in my business correspondences. Apparently it’s unprofessional but I really don’t care 😘

- If it’s raining, wet, muddy and you’re up for it, I’ll do anything you guys want, even at the detriment of my gear. That’s what insurance is for right? 😛

Now you will read this and either think you love who I am or you won’t, and either of them are fine with me ✌🏻 
My hope is that this attracts the peeps that think a barefoot, really funny, highly emotional photographer that swears is awesome 😎